Brand, Demand & Expand

A strategic and practical playbook for building a modern marketing engine.

Below is a tried-and-true growth marketing framework that I’ve used over the years to refocus the priorities of the marketing. The rule is, if it’s not on this list below – it’s a secondary priority. Marketing needs to own their own agenda and keep driving towards their goals and objectives.


  • Mission & Why
  • Ideal Customer Profile & Personas
  • Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Thought Leadership & Themes
  • Product Launches & Promotions
  • Consumerized Aesthetics & Design


  • Revenue & Pipeline Objectives
  • Omnichannel Integrated Marketing
  • Channel Management & Optimization
  • Routing & Lead Development
  • Technology
  • Data, Compliance & Governance
  • Reporting & Measurement


  • Real Time Conversations
  • Enablement & Training
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Public Relations & Analyst Relations
  • Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
  • Experiential & Local Events

About Author

Cody Ward

Cody helps marketers and senior executives accelerate revenue by designing, building and optimizing their growth marketing engines.

Cody has a diverse marketing background which includes startups, agency consulting, and go-to-market product strategy for large enterprises. Cody has repeatedly helped organizations build their demand engines from the ground up. His sweet spot is SaaS technology companies targeting businesses across industries via integrated marketing campaigns.

Cody continues to build on his successful track-record of leading marketing teams, delivering qualified leads to sales, and showing positive ROI by connecting the right strategy, tactics, and technology to achieve business outcomes. You’ll often find him acting as a change-agent with ambitious entrepreneurs that aim to push their solutions to market.